Who WeAre

To constantly move our clients from ordinary to extra-ordinary

KinesioCoach is an institution that combines the science of professional kinesiology and the art of specialised coaching to deliver powerful and effective life-changing experiences. We offer personal development training, coaching workshops, and industry-certified kinesiology programmes and practices.

Through our wide-range of services, we help individuals maximise their true potential and discover ways to be successful by introducing innovative and thought- provoking learning techniques.

Our state-of-the-art centre in Dubai provides an internationally certified kinesiology education that encompasses course material offered for up to five-year study – from basic practice degrees to post-graduate diplomas. In addition to a variety of short- term courses, we also provide various kinesiology therapies. We are proud to be the only internationally accredited training institute in the Middle East representing the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners (ICPKP), which is based in New Zealand and present in over 20 countries.

Part of our services also includes leadership and development programmes which we host through workshops and trainings. Our team of internationally certified specialists provide individual and corporate coaching sessions for students undergoing certification programmes.

Our collective passion in perfecting the lives of individuals is what makes KinesioCoach stand out as a leading institution for inspirational success.

Changes Everything

We believe in change. Everything we do is about change, and this is what propels us to discover more. We understand that change is inevitable, whether you realise it or not, you are changing every second – physically, emotionally and mentally. Why wait for the circumstances to shape your life when you can manage the changes yourself?

The people who work at KinesioCoach demonstrate a remarkable passion for life and a concrete resolve to raise their standards in every facet of life. They are people who trained themselves from frustration to fascination, people who have wired themselves to a highway to success rather than a pathway to average.

At KinesioCoach, we believe our clients are born leaders; they want to lead their lives and their businesses with motivation and inspiration. They choose to step fully in trustworthiness and integrity and openness to change with deep commitment, even if it hurts.

We believe that business is also a spiritual game. In business, you are here “to serve”. We believe in meaningful conversations, as we know that information without emotion will go away and will not be sustainable.

We know that brand is about reputation, that reputation is about trust, and that trust takes time. That’s why at KinesioCoach, we have Rules of the Game

Do the right thing

Do the best you can

Show the people that you care

Jordane Chedotal

Artist. Writer. Performer. Coach.

Jordane is a full-time Creative Coach at KinesioCoach, merging her experience with art, film and theatre into her coaching methods.

Michelle Garnier-Chedotal


From a young age, Michelle Garnier-Chedotal committed herself to lifelong learning and continuous personal growth. The principles that have been guiding her in everyday life involve self-belief and sheer determination with positive mental attitude. The breadth of her knowledge is derived from the diversity of the careers with which she has been...

Our Partners

We take great pride in our initiatives, which we develop by fostering sustainable relationships with highly reputed global organisations that continuously strive for innovation and perfection. Building such professional partnerships truly reflect on our values and aspirations, further compelling us to excel as leaders in our field.

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Our Courses

Are you sometimes facing stress in your life? Perhaps your daily job is becoming a burden, and the routine has now taken a toll on your social life. We at KinesioCoach are well aware of the daily pressures impacting millions of lives around the world, with more people succumbing to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. So, we decided to do...

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