Five Element Fundamentals and Muscle Testing Basics for Energy Therapists

If you are curious about Professional Kinesiology, here’s your chance to get a taste of this profound field which delves into structural, chemical, nutritional and emotional imbalances to help you feel great again.

You will benefit in learning exciting new techniques that you can adopt in your speciality. This will be an opportunity for you to apply advanced muscle-testing techniques to help balance the body, and ultimately, achieve desired ambitions – for you and others you can help.

As part of the K-Power® series, this workshop will highlight the fundamental concepts of muscles, energy reservoirs, and emotional stress release. You will experience how to shift blocked energy using a powerful goal-oriented balancing process, while you familiarise yourself with basic physiological balancers, including neuro-emotional, neuro-vascular, meridian tracing, nutrition and accumulation points.

Ideal For: Energy psychologists, certified healthcare professionals, HR executives, all types of professional and life coaches, and anyone curious to learn how to shift blocked energy through innovative techniques.


AED 3,500




2 Days

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