Mastery of Emotional Stress Release

If you think the ‘Stress Release Made Easy’ course was enlightening, this one is going to blow your mind with its combination of holistic approaches – from self-help psychology to intense visualisation.

Packed with 20 deeply informative skills that centre on tackling traumas and tensions tied to emotional and mental issues, this workshop is suitable for almost anyone wishing to empower their communication abilities when confronted by stressful situations. These topics will prove to be great tools to help you and others conquer the complexities that cause worry, pain and feelings of rejection.

You will find this K-Power® course to be a great resource in exploiting new tactics such as using your senses and intuition to unearth core problems and realise numerous possibilities to resolve them. You will especially enjoy tapping into the subconscious for help; meanwhile you learn to defuse stress related to challenges to authority and terminating relationships.

Ideal For: Professional healthcare specialists, HR executives, all types of professional and life coaches, and everyone interested in learning innovative techniques to overcome stress.


AED 3,500


Stress Release Made Easy


2 Days

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