Overcoming Co-Dependency

No one enjoys recurring conflicts, especially not with loved ones. This course identifies the common issues we struggle within our relationships and highlights problem-solving strategies to enhance our lives.

You will learn about the symptoms of co-dependency issues frequently taken for granted, where people become addicted to a self-destructive pattern of relating to others. Victims of this phenomenon undergo a loss of self-awareness and fail to cater to their own desires in order to please others, hence succumbing to feelings of emptiness as they become more disconnected from themselves and their surroundings.

This course, with its K-Power® techniques, is designed to make you recognise unhealthy relationship patterns where you can significantly help people boost their self-esteem, overcome their insecurities and set boundaries by preventing others from controlling their lives. You will learn to explore early childhood issues and their relationship to current destructive behaviour patterns by using professional kinesiology methods that are based on muscle testing to relieve emotional, mental and physical stress. The ultimate aim is to be able to reconstruct healthy personal and family dynamics.

Ideal For: Professional healthcare specialists, healthcare therapists, HR executives, and all types of professional and life coaches.


AED 3,500


Mastery of Emotional Stress Release


2 Days

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