What IsKinesiology

What if you could talk to the body and ask it anything you wanted?

What if it knew the answer to every question, whether it was physical, biological, mental, emotional or spiritual?

And it knew how to heal itself and had a direct access to universal all-knowing consciousness.

And it had a complete memory of every event, health condition or trauma.

Well it appears we can do just that!

Your body is intelligent, it thinks for you. In a perfect world, everything flows smoothly; and your body functions no differently. But when any slight disturbance occurs, it sets nature off balance and problems inevitably arise. Such is the state of dis-ease.

Professional Kinesiology is a science based on a holistic approach of balancing the flow of energies in the human body. Centred on the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology, it is a non-invasive method using accurate muscle feedback to allow the body to heal itself properly. These advanced and highly effective techniques are applied to detect and correct energy blockages by isolating the influences triggering the stress – from socially afflicted sufferings to severe emotional traumas.

How It Works

The fundamental principle of Professional Kinesiology is simple: it is all based on the flow of energy. Utilising alternative healing methods, this profound practice delves into the core of the problem and explores the underlying symptoms to identify imbalances in one’s system. By testing the functions and strength of muscles and measuring their energy changes, a kinesiologist determines the structural, chemical and emotional conditions that may require particular attention and energy balancing.

Professional Kinesiology is not in any way connected to the field of medical science, and does not involve diagnostics and treatment of diseases. However, it can complement conventional medicine; if necessary, kinesiology practitioners will encourage their clients to seek proper medical attention.

What It Heals

Professional Kinesiology is conceived to confront emotional, mental and physical disturbances hindering a person’s progress by utilising interactive tools and methods on a very subtle level. People who are increasingly stressed, facing uncomfortable situations and lacking direction in life will discover immense benefits from this unique practice.

Aside from alleviating pains, Professional Kinesiology offers valuable tools to help resolve relationship issues and promote wellbeing. This powerful science of energy balancing helps individuals overcome their challenges and brings them closer to realising their personal and professional aspirations.

Who It Benefits

Professional Kinesiology practitioners have been helping for decades thousands of people around the world recover from their sufferings. The great advantage of this therapy is that it is applicable to anyone regardless of age, background or professional status.

You can be a chief executive officer with a hundred disgruntled employees, an athlete with a worn-out physique, a musician with a broken voice or an astronaut with no ambition to fly any higher; turning to Professional Kinesiology can offer the remedial answer to your ailment.

Who We Are

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