Knowing what, how and why we might be interested in learning Kinesiology..

We will be conducting another Introductory Evening  for the 1 year Certificate program in Kinesiology this 8th of December from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

We cordially invites you to participant in this Free event. It is open for all who are interested in Kinesiology and aspiring to be one of the Professional Kinesiologists in UAE.

Introductory Evening - 8th December

For reservation, please call 04-2761155 or email


Saying "No" to More and Saying "Yes" to Less

I read in the newspaper recently someone who wrote in 2015 was about more.More travel, more focused gym time, more protein eating, more being lovely to people I met…..” …and I wanted to scream….No MORE….Yes, LESS. The question is  “what fits your already busy schedule ? one hour a day [...]