Coaching CTI Students in Certification

Students undergoing the Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) certification programme can benefit from KinesioCoach’s diverse services and the best of world-leading coaches available at their doorstep. Those studying to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) are entitled to complete CTI’s six-month coaching curriculum with a certified coach.

Our team of specialists, who are accredited by the International Coach Federation and qualified as Certified Professional Co-Active Coaches and ‘front-of-room leaders’ by CTI, provide you with an unparalleled coaching experience. We dedicate our full energies to work with you throughout the programme ensuring your success as a future coach. The time spent in these sessions will count from the 100 hours of coaching that you are required to complete during your CPCC curriculum.


AED 650 per session




60 minutes per session

Who Can Attend

CTI’s coaches in certification

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